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Scented Candles - Your sensory pleasure !

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New Candle Collections - Parkminster Soy Candles 

Our senses are something that can transport us to a time and place in our lives that make us smile or maybe sad. For me its the smells of and taste of Italy my favorite place to visit. So when I smell Lemons & Cedar I think of the groves on the hillsides and I can almost feel the sun. One of my favorite things is to light a candle and have the scent filling my home. Scent is very personal and we each have our won special smell that hits the spot. 

When I met the lovely Krystyna from Parkminster Candles, I knew I wanted to stock her products, not only are they handmade in the UK from soy but her scent selection is wonderful, plus she offers Lemongrass & Cedar in her scent range so I am very proud to now be able to offer these on our web site.